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Elefandes 004

Coco Maria- Lección de Amor. A distilled, elegant mix of boleros, charangas and other charms displaying the musical influences of Mexico, from the Caribbean to the Pacific

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Elefandes 003


Quixosis- Acid Juanito Mixtape.

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IIntrospective acid psychedelia from the ecuadorian Andes. Any danceable flavor is pure coincidence.

IIn collaboration with TAPE MASCHINE >>

Elefandes 002

Canela en Surco 070,  by Peruvian DJ QRichi (Berlin), boosted by DJ Abu Sou (Barcelona). Music, sometimes hilarious, sometimes bittersweet, a reflection of its people.

Elefandes 001

Salsa Tips by Venezuelan DJ Phidias (Barcelona). Urban soundscapes filled with erotic salsa. Tips by El Tigre Rafael, Fiesta 106 FM.